Noise of water installations on light walls

Measurement Noise of water installations
Standards DIN EN ISO 10052, DIN 4109, SIA 181, VDI 4100
Measurement object Lightweight installation walls, front-wall and in-wall installations

Technical data

Floor area (2 rooms) 20 m² and 20 m²
Room volume (2 rooms) 70 m³ and 61 m³
Entrance doors (H × W) 2.00 × 0.83 m and 1.99 × 0.84 m
Thickness of separating floor 190 mm (reinforced concrete)

Special feature

Controllable water supply (water pressure and flow rate) In both rooms (stacked bathrooms)


More information

  • Lightweight installation walls are separating each of the stacked rooms.
  • Test results can be used to prove compliance with requirements according to the German standard DIN 4109 and to the guideline VDI 4100.
  • Test results can be used for classification according to the Swiss standard SIA 181 (noise sensitivity levels).