Accredited certification body

The certification body is a separate entity within the Fraunhofer IBP which conducts supervision and certification activities for various building products within the framework of the regional buildiung regulations, the Building Products Act and the Building Products Regulation. The range of building products comprises windows, thermal insulation and heating and chimney systems.

Certification and supervision body

The certification and supervision body of the Fraunhofer IBP offers competent and quality-assured support to manufacturers. After submission of the relevant documents, the evaluation of the application follows, verifying whether the necessary legal basis (i.e. Building Products Regulation BauPVO/CPR) has been met and determining whether the building product falls within the scope of expertise of the Fraunhofer IBP. Then a certification and supervision contract will be drawn up and forwarded to the client together with an offer and cost survey.

After signing of the contract by the manufacturer or applicant and confirmation by the certification body, an initial inspection and manufacturing control at the manufacturing plant (e.g. with control system 2+) will be scheduled. If necessary, samples can be taken for an initial product test in a test laboratory (e.g. with system 1).

Following a successful examination of the prerequisites regarding personnel and equipment at the plant, a summary report will be prepared and the certification documentation including the certificate will be provided to the client and manufacturer, respectively, to create the product documentation including declaration of performance, product label and external presentation.