Flexible test facility for flat and pitched roof

Measurement object Pitched roof constructions with between and top rafter insulation or combinations: solutions for gableboard or eaves, solar systems

Technical data

Ground area 42 m²
Number of test rooms 4 test rooms, thereof 2 northern-oriented and 2 southern-oriented
Room volume/ Floor area Per test room 6 m³ room volume with 7.45 m² floor area
Net test area (L × W) Pitched roof areas: each 2.5 × 2.5 m
Fixed flat roof: 4.0 × 5.5 m

Special features

Flexible slope of the roof Adjustable between 22 and 50° with steps of 1° without replacing the roof construction
HVAC Heating and ventilation system for floor and room heating, local humidification to enable daily moisture load profiles
Measurement equipment Networked data logging, optionally external access, basic metrological equipment; upgrading depending on requirements possible using existing subdistribution panels


More information

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