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Tensile strength, e-modulus

Measurement Force and elongation
Standards DIN EN ISO 8339 (sealing material), DIN EN 12311 (elastomer film), DIN 53457 (plastics), EN 1607 (insulation materials)
Measurement object Sealing materials, elastomer films, fibrous insulation materials

Technical data

Sample size Variable, depending on material
Apparatus Zwick universal testing machine
  2 measuring ranges: up to 2 kN and up to 20 kN

Special features

Accredited by DAkkS
The laboratory has a flexible accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
Test laboratory moisture, mortar, radiation, emmissions
  Test reports can be issued

More information


  • The stress-strain curve of different materials can be determined.
  • Durabitiy and lifetime test of mechanical material properties after outdoor or artificial weathering