Test facility for solar reflectance index (SRI)


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Measurement Solar Reflectance Index (SRI), warming potential under high irradiation
Standards ASTM E 1980, further procedures ASTM 1918, ASTM E 903, ASTM G 173, LEED rating
Measurement object Roofing, tiles, façade sheeting, varnishes and paints, precast concrete parts, asphalt, concrete paving stones, pavers, parking area, fills (gravel) streets, terrace slabs as well as other thin layers of building material layers, which are used in façades, roofs or other parts of building envelope or traffic areas

Technical data

Boundary conditions 1000 W/m², Tamb = 37 °C hc = 5, 12, 30 W/(m²K)
Measurement range
SRI 0 to 100
Input characteristics Solar reflectance and thermal emissivity
Size of test samples Any type as long as minimum size within 100  × 100 mm for closed surfaces, minimum size of 16 m² for bulk materials are considered.

Special features

Universal usage Nondestructive method to determine the warming potential of building surfaces, investigations for existing constructions possible, with a variety of auxiliary methods it can also be used on surfaces with structure and for bulk materials, e.g., gravel on roofs
Method Relative procedure for the determination of the warming potential of a surface in comparison with a black and a white surface


More information

In-situ measurements available under appropriate conditions