Measurement Spectrum of emitted radiation from light sources, transmission, absorption and reflection, evaluation of solar simulation equipment, spectral analysis of daylight, integral and wavelength-dependent irradiance
Standards Additional/special procedure for DIN EN 410, generation of spectral match reports for measuring class, performance as per IEC 60904, ASTM E 927, colorimetry CIE1931 and CIE 1964
Measurement object Light sources of any type, solar simulation facilities, glazing façades, roof and wall building components

Technical data

Test specimen dimensions Any dimensions
Integration time 5 to 10 s
Resolution Wavelength-dependent 1 to 10 nm
Viewing angle 150°
Installation of the specimens Wall to roof (0 to 90° continously variable)

Special features

Building dimensions Due to the compact size, the spectroradiometer is portable and can be used locally during customer visits. A 3 m long glass fibre disconnects the sensor head from the spectrometer. Therefore measurement is independent on location and can be operated in narrow spaces.
Temperature range Sensor head −30 to +70 °C, noncondensing
Intensity of irradiation Integration can be done very fast on a wide variety of bandwidths within the measurement range
Calibration Traceable to NIST