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Measurement Absorbance, transmittance and reflectance (UV/VIS/NIR), radiation and optical technical parameters preferably in the solar spectrum
Standards DIN EN 410, ASTM E 903, DIN EN 52022-3
Measurement object

Organic and mineral glasses, functional layers, varnishes and paints, plastics, concrete, wood-based materials, building boards, metal sheets, light-directing building components and other transparent, translucent or opaque building materials

Measurement on larger objects possible on request

Technical data

Measurement range
185 to 3300 nm
Resolution UV/VIS < 0.05 nm, NIR < 0.2 nm
Integrating sphere 150 mm diameter
Size of test samples (W x B x L) Preferably 50 × 50 × < 10 mm
For reflection measurements special sizes up to 0.5 m² and thicknesses up to 100 mm possible

Special feature

  • Testing facility for determination of optical input parameters for calculation methods as DIN EN 410 and DIN EN 52022-3
  • Nondestructive laboratory procedure, short measuring time, high reproducibility

More information

A combination of Tungsten and Deuterium light sources enables a big variety of the measuring range.