Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) by calorimeter method


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Measurement Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), g-value
Standards In addition to DIN EN 410 and DIN EN 52022-3
Measurement object Glazings with shading systems or with more than 3 panes, high-scattering glazing, special components with integrated sun protection, domed building components (domed roof lights, membrane constructions), transparent specimens, vehicle constructions, screen printing or three-dimensional fabrics

Technical data

Standard size and area of aperture approx. 1 m²
Test specimen dimensions > from 1 m² to 6 m²

Special feature

Test method Nondestructive test method on special components, which are not included in above mentioned standards. This method is according to the latest state of technology but no normative standard yet.
The specimen is exposed to artificial solar radiation in the range 300 to 900 W/m² (standard 500 W/m²). Then an energy balance is performed for the Hot Box behind the sample for defined environmental conditions.


More information

Additional method for above mentioned standards if optical parameters, gas fill rates or emission coefficients are missing or not available. A common application is the determination of g-values for glazings in existing buildings or for the acceptance of construction.