Moisture storage, sorption

Measurement Water content in % by volume, % by weight
Standard DIN EN ISO 12571
Measurement object Brick, lime stone, sandstone, concrete, plasters and renders, insulation materials, wooden materials, etc.

Technical data

Sample size Any shape (bigger samples need more time to reach equilibrium)
Test conditions at +23 °C 50 % r.h.
65 % r.h.
80 % r.h.
93 % r.h.
97 % r.h.
further conditions possible
Test method Adsorption curve: equlibrium with increasing moisture content
Desorption curve: equilibrium with decreasing moisture content

Special features

Accredited by DAkkS
The laboratory has a flexible accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
Test laboratory moisture, mortar, radiation, emmissions
  Test reports can be issued

More information


  • Sorption of moisture means the exchange of water vapor between a material and the surrounding air until an equilibrium is reached.
  • The sorption isotherm is used to determine the moisture storage function for a material specific WUFI® data set.