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Moisture distribution, NMR

Measurement Moisture distribution, moisture profile, penetration depth
Measurement object Building materials, drilling core, insulation materials, etc.

Technical data

Sample size Prisms with a max. width of 50 mm
Drilling cores with a max. diameter of 50 mm
Apparatus NMR spectroscopy

Special features

Accredited by DAkkS
The laboratory has a flexible accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
Test laboratory moisture, mortar, radiation, emmissions
  Test reports can be issued

More information

  • The contribution of weakly bounded protons in a material can be determined with this method. Therefore the moisture distribution at a certain time in materials or a combination of materials can be determined. Also the changes of the profiles, e.g., during a water uptake experiment or during a drying experiment, can be determined.
  • The procedure can be used to determine the penetration depth of hydrophobic agents, impregnations or stone strengthening agents.