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Infrared (IR) laboratory

Measurement Thermal radiation, temperatures, temperature distributions by thermography
Standards DIN EN 13187, DIN 54190, ISO 18434-1
Measurement object Technical building equipment, fireplaces, exhaust systems, façades and roof structures, thermal bridging, moisture retention, location of supply lines under plaster, vehicles, temperature analysis of larger surfaces and components, visualization of transient temperature behavior

Technical data of individual detectors

Thermographic camera
Spectral range 7.8 to 14 μm
Temperature range −40 to +2000 °C, resolution 0.04 K
IR image frequency 30 Hz, 640 × 480 pixel
Lenses wide-angle 45°, 1.23 mrad
Integrated digital camera continuous superposition possible
IR-video camera
Spectral range 7.5 to 13 μm
Temperature range −20 to +900 °C, resolution 0.1 K
IR image frequency 100 Hz, 120 × 160 pixel
Lenses standard, wide-angle, telephoto
IR temperature sensors
(special applications )
Spectral range a) 2,3 μm b) 8 to 14 μm
Temperature range a) +50 to +400 °C, resolution 0.2 K
b) −40 to +900 °C, resolution 0.1 K

Special features

Emissivity Adjustable (afterwards) 0.1 to 1.0
Formats (camera dependent) In addition to radiometric images also fully radiometric video can be created. There will also be saved all temperature information.
Recording Trigger and timed recordings are possible.
Calibration A precision Infrared Calibrator for the temperature range +35 to +500 ° C, emissivity = 0.95 is available as a reference standard.