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Indoor Environment

Infrared thermography

Measurement Infrared radiation 7.5 to 14 μm wave length
Standards DIN 54190, DIN 13187
Measurement object Building envelopes:
outer and inner walls of commercial and residential buildings, particularly historic buildings
Building services:
heating and cooling equipment in buildings, particularly museums, and their local effects on adjacent building elements or works of art

Technical data

Detector size 600 × 480 infrared pixel
Thermal sensitivity 0.030 Kelvin at +23 °C (low noise detector)
Measurement and accuracy Infrared spectrum 7.5 to 14 μm wave length at ±1.5 Kelvin and ±2 % of measurement reading
Wide-angle lens 12,5 mm 65 × 51° (complete walls indoors, even in small rooms)
Telephoto lens 50 mm 18 × 14°


HighEnd Software IRBIS plus Editing of digital thermogram with several editing functions, e.g., temperature profiles along any lines and across any measured areas
Image and data export Temperatures for each measuring point (pixel)
Emissivity coefficient Different emissivity coeffecients are adjustable
AVI generator Set up of video sequences in real-time or in time sceduled sequences