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Test facility for determination of Ug especially for existing glazings#

Measurement Ug according to DIN EN 673 (thermal transmittance coefficient), based on analysis of filling gas or residual oxygen, thermal emissivity, construction of glazing
Standard DIN EN 673 (alternative procedure to DIN EN 674, DIN EN 675)
Measurement object multiple glazing with 2 to 5 individual panes,
thermal insulation glazing, solar control glazing, post-control of already existing glazings

Technical data

Test specimen dimensions Any dimensions
Analysis of filling gas Determination of air, argon and krypton in the gap between the panes (0 to 100 %) by means of analysis of residual oxygen and thermal conductivity detector
Emissivity 0.02 to 0.99 %
0.3 to 3.0 W/(m²K)

Special features

Special dimensions This procedure is particularly suitable for glazings, which doesn’t comply to standard parameters of measuring in the Hot Plate Apparatus or Hot Box
Installation Due to the combination of calculation and measuring, the real mounting position can be considered by the calculation
Acceptance testing Verification of the actual glazing quality during acceptance of construction



More information

Besides the analysis of filling gas, a filling operation with noble gases for multiple glazing is also available. Any gas filling rates can be performed, e.g., for additional examinations of prototypes.