Emission coefficient

Measurement Thermal emission coefficient and reflection coefficient
Standards DIN EN 16012 (attachment D), alternative method for DIN EN 12898 and DIN EN 673
Measurement object Glass including functional layers, insulation materials, roofing underlays or coverings, building panels, façades, floor coverings, concrete, asphalt, IR-reflecting films and almost all surfaces and structures with roughness up to 10 mm, opaque to IR radiation, varnishes and paints on substrate

Technical data

Spectral range 2.5 to 40 μm
Measurement range 0.02 to 0.99 %
Test specimen dimensions Optional, minimum size 100 × 100 mm

Special feature

Scope of application Nondestructive method, investigation of already existing building products, quality control during production


More information

  • Surfaces preferably mounted in vertical position (±30°)
  • In-situ measurements under appropriate conditions possible