Climate simulation in the big climate simulator


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Measurement Protection against heat and against cold, moisture proofing, weather proofing, HVAC analyses, sun simulation, rain simulation, durability testing
Measurement object Building components, complete building elements, prefabricated house elements, façade elements, walls, ceilings, roof constructions, flat roof systems, design of insulation materials, sandwich constructions,
windows, doors, components with thermal bridges, shutter systems, skylights, components for the renovation of building elements, etc.

Technical data

Internal size (L × W × H) 7.0 × 6.0 × 5.8 m
Temperature range −15 to +55 °C
Humidity range Dew-point temperature +2 to +27 °C
Relative humidity 35 to 85 %

Special features

Equipment for temperature control of test specimens Temperature range −15 up to +55 °C
Air circulation 1000 to 6000 m³/h
Programmable climate control Examination of stationary and transient heat and moisture transfer mechanism


More information

  • Door opening (W × H) 2.00 × 3.20 m
  • Thermal cycling (without load), cooling rate 15 K/h, heating rate 15 K/h
  • Air circulation (laminar or turbulent) 7000 to 30,000 m³/h
  • Max. thermal load 76 kW
  • Max. point load 20,000 N
  • Max. total load 150,000 N

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