Air-conditioned test hall


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Measurement Total water content, driving rain load
Standard Own testing method
Measurement object Wall elements in air-conditioned test hall exposed at the exterior to natural climate conditions

Technical data

Sample size Wooden frame 50 × 50 cm, width: 20 cm or 40 cm
Field investigation Wall with different composition
Outdoor climate exposure to the west or east

Special features

Accredited by DAkkS
The laboratory has a flexible accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
Test laboratory moisture, mortar, radiation, emmissions
  Test reports can be issued
  The wall elements can be removed from the test hall façade with a fork lift and weighed. Changes in weight of the wall elements can be determined, which are in correlation with the total water content.

More information

Determination of moisture absorption or release to small-format wall elements, which are exposed to a controled interior climate in the winter and to natural weathering on the outside. This method is meant to compare for example different external coatings or insulation systems. Moisture content, temperature profiles and heat fluxes can be measured.