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Accelerated test to assess the microbial growth resistance of exterior finishes

Measurement Sensitivity of coatings to microbial infestation
Standard Own testing method
Measurement object Outside coatings like plaster or paint

Technical data

Specimen size (H × W) Typically 100 × 100 mm
Room volume Approx. 2 m³
Entrance door (H × W) 1.60 × 1.40 m
Number of specimen Max. 70 (at 100 × 100 mm)

Special features

  • Acceleration of microbial growth with a factor of 10 or more
  • Natural transient climatic conditions in a daily course
  • Autumn climate with weekly rain
  • Simulation of the nocturnal undercooling by backside cooling below dew-point temperature
  • Inoculation with a cocktail of microbial primary coloniser



More information


  • Left and right side separate individual undercooling possible
  • Typical test time: 100 days