Virtual window for windowless interiors

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

Virtual window for windowless interiors
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Measurement Psychological studies on the effect of light in windowless environments
Measurement object Test group studies (e.g. performance tests)

Technical data

Size 3 screens, each with 165 cm (65”) diagonal
Resolution 3240 pixel × 1920 pixel
Brightness Up to 500 cd/m²
Mappable viewing angle 160°
Footage Motifs with 15 447 pixel × 9154 pixel, any images and videos
Position tracking IR depth image sensor, capturing the viewpoint and the view direction relative to the virtual window

Special features

Image projection Automatic adjustment of the image, taking the viewpoint and view direction into account
Twin rooms Next to the room with virtual window is a identical twin room, but with a real window. By directly uploading the outside world to the virtual window real and virtual situations can be directly compared with each other.