Twin houses

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

Twin houses
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Measurement Comparative measurements of different building and heating systems under real weather conditions with emphasis on residential buildings
Measurement objects Insulation systems, set ups of walls, windows and roofs, radiators and underfloor heating systems, component and control concepts, intelligent control concepts in smart grids, demand-based ventilation systems, sun protection systems, heating systems

Technical data

Floor area 82 m² (each floor)
Layout Ground floor: 6 rooms
Attic: 2 rooms
Roof pitch 30° (orientation south and north)

Special features

Full size research under real climate boundary conditions Two structural identical single family houses for comparative examination of different concepts concerning energy efficiency, thermal and visual comfort
Flexible façade design The structure of the houses has been engineered to admit the replacement of all exterior components on the ground floor.


Comprehensive building service installation including measuring and regulating systems:

  • freely programmable, time-controlled ventilation system with definable heat recovery
  • gas condensing boiler, radiator and underfloor heating
  • cooling
  • photovoltaic modules (1kWP)
  • freely programmable, time-controlled internal heat- and moisture sources to simulate user profiles
  • central measurement data acquisition including web-based evaluation tools (IMEDASTM)
  • web browser access to all functionalities (process visualization, database access, evaluation templates, measurement channels, etc.)


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Twin Houses