Particle image velocimetry (PIV)

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

PIV - Strömungsmessung
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Measurement Time-varying flow field of a fluid
Measurement objects Air flow, buoyancy flow, convection, turbulence, flow around

Technical data

Nd:YAG double pulse laser Pulse energy: 200 mJ at a wavelength of 532 nm
Repetition rate: 0 to 15 Hz with a pulse duration between 6 and 9 ns
Beam diameter: 6.5 mm
Beam divergence: < 3 mrad
4 sCMOS cameras Resolution:  2560 pixel × 2160 pixel
Readout noise: <3 electrons (50 frames/s)
Pixel size: 6.5 μm × 6.5 μm
Minimum image distance: 2 μs
Evaluation system Workstation with 2x Quad Core with 1.8 TB of storage and 12 GB of memory, including special software for parallel computing on NVIDIA graphics cards

Special features

Tomographic PIV Enhancements for measurement of 3D velocity fields in a maximum volume of 0.64 dm³ (requires 3 or 4 cameras)
Particle Tracking Velocimetry (PTV) Conversion to methods for tracking particles through a fluid in the measuring area


More information

  • Any additional devices: helium bubble generator, compressed air bottle to spray (for seeding) to operate, 5 tripods, each 4 wide-angle and macro lenses, 4 Scheimpflug adapters, 5 goggles, light sheet optics for laser
  • Seeding: di-ethyl-hexyl-sebacate (DEHS) or helium bubbles
  • Black theatrical material with high absorption and protection available to blackout