Luminance measuring camera for a spatially resolved analysis of luminance distributions

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

Measuring luminance
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Measurement Spatial luminance distribution of indoor and outdoor environments, photometric image analysis
Standard DIN 5032
Measurement object Luminous and illuminated surfaces covering a wide range of visual environments from VDT to daylight situations

Technical data

Camera 1.4 megapixel CCD detector, photopic spectral correction
Typical luminance range 0.015 to 50,000 cd/m² (with filter up to 5 × 109 cd/m²)
Lenses Wide angle, fish eye

Special features

Filter Neutral density filter with transmission of 1 and 0.01 % to raise the maximum measurable luminance
Analysis Using the software luminance values can be measured over a series of measuring points or as complete surfaces.