Light transmission and reflection of façades

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

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Measurement Directed-directional light transmission and light reflectance (luminance coefficients, BRTDF), directional-hemispherical light transmittance and reflectance
Standards DIN EN 410, DIN EN 13363, DIN EN 14500, DIN EN 14501, DIN V 18599-4
Measurement objects Glass, Complex Fenestration Systems (CFS) like functional glass types (e.g. printed glass, glass for light control), blinds, textile sun protection, glass-sun protection composites, systems for skylights

Technical data

Light source D65 spectrum, opening angle 0.34°
Exposure to sample: elevation angle of 0° up to 84°
Azimuth angle: 0 to 360°
Sensor system Spatially resolved measurements by luminance camera (2°)
Monochromatic, 3 color channels, circadian action spectrum c(λ)
Sample size (L × W × H) 600 mm x 600 mm x 30 mm

Special features

Automatic sample positioning Highly automated measuring device. Inter alia louvre angle of blinds can be set automatically.
Further use of the data in planning Software-based data analysis. The recorded data may inter alia directly be used in light simulation programs such as DIALux to evaluate the façades photometrically and energetically.


More information

IBP Research News No. 499 (in German)

J. de Boer, B. Panhans, F. Stößel

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