In-situ measurement of photometric characteristics of street pavement

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Measurement Reflection characteristic of street pavement:
Level of mirroring S, mirroring factor κP and luminance coefficients q0, qd thereby classification of the R class and C class
Standards DIN EN 13201, CIE 144:2001
Measurement object Measurement of street pavement layers on site

Technical data

Light source Actively controllable luminance screen to provide the necessary diffuse and direct light components
Sensor system Luminance meter grade A
Measuring angle Measuring the street pavement at 1° and 2.29°

Special features

On-site measurement On-site measurement of built in street pavement avoiding core abstractions and artificial aging of samples
Time-efficient measurement Compact, lightweight device
Automatic control of the measurement


More Information

IBP Research News No.494 (in German)

B. Panhans, J. de Boer, A. Reith

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