Eye tracking glasses for an analysis of visual behavior

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Eye tracking
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Measurement Binocular eye tracking data, capturing the eye movements to study cognitive and decision making factors
Measurement objects Consumer behavior, social interactions

Technical data

Eye tracking principle Binocular eye tracking with automatic parallax compensation
Temporal resolution 60 Hz
Gaze tracking range 80° horizontal, 60° vertical
HD scene camera Resolution: 1280 pixel × 960 pixel at 24 frames per second (fps); 960 pixel × 720 pixel at 30 fps, video format: H.264, field of view: 60° horizontal, 46° vertical
Human interface design Noninvasive video-based glasses-type eye tracker
Gaze position accuracy 0.5° over all distances, parallax compensation

Special features

Eyewear compatibility Works with contact lenses
Audio Integrated microphone
Real-time capturing Online scene video with gaze position, pupil diameter/position, tracking status, eye image online interfacing via SDK
Calibration Instant calibration with fully mobile use
Analysis Quantification and visualization of eye tracking data using specific software