Climate-measuring system DressMAN 2.0

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

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Measurement Equivalent temperature
Standard DIN EN ISO 14505
Measurement objects Indoor environments, cabin compartments of aircrafts and vehicles, cockpit

Technical data

Equivalent temperature −10 up to +50 °C
Air temperature −10 up to +60 °C
Air velocity 0 to 1 m/s and 0 to 10 m/s
Supply voltage 12 V

Special features

Optional sensors Prepared for integration of additional sensors measuring local air temperature and velocity
Local climatic conditions Measurement of the environmental climatic conditions at up to 16 different body parts for assessment of overall thermal comfort


More information


  • The equivalent temperature sensors are heated with a selected power output.
  • Local effects of air temperature, air velocity and radiation are integrated into a single numerical value, which enables different climatic conditions to be compared and evaluated.
  • Empirical studies yield good correlations between measured equivalent temperatures and the comfort assessment from test subjects.