Calorimetric façade and roof test facility

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

 Facade and roof test facility
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Measurement Determination of the energetic and visual performance of (transparent) large-scale façade and roof elements under real climate conditions
Measurement objects Membrane elements, glass and metal façades, double skin façades, (switchable) façades, skylights, light-band, sun and glare protection systems and daylight redirection systems

Technical data

Max. specimen size 3.2 m × 2.3 m
Slope 0° to 90°
Orientation Approx. 360°

Special features

Calorimetric measurement concept For heating and cooling the internal surfaces of the test chamber are equipped with highly effective water bearing absorbers. From the amount of thermal energy required to keep a certain internal temperature the energetic performance of the specimen can be determined. The SHGC as an example.
3D robot To investigate specific aspects of local temperatures, air speeds, heat transfer resistances, and lighting and glare evaluations, the facility is equipped with a three-dimensional robot which can be used to position measurement sensors at any point inside the test chamber.
By constantly moving this mobile sensor platform it is possible to determine multi-dimensional properties like the areal resolved solar or visual transmissions.


Focus of investigation:

  • field determination of the solar factor (g-value/SHGC) and the heat transfer coefficient (U value) of full scale façade and roof elements under realistic installation conditions
  • determination of angle dependent solar factors/properties
  • analysis of the light transmission properties of transparent building elements
  • evaluation of the users glare risk due to sun shades
  • development of test and valuation procedures for novel building elements


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