Artificial window for a detailed analysis of daylight conditions

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

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Measurement Weather-independent investigation of daylight conditions in interior spaces, precisely controllable interaction between artificial and natural light for studies on user behavior and performance (e.g. at computer workstations), focused studies of light management systems such as daylight-responsive light control, specific tests of sun and glare protection systems under controlled conditions, studies on novel approaches such as artificial windows
Measurement objects Test group studies, computer workstations, light management systems, sun and glare protection systems, novel approaches such as artificial windows

Technical data

Light field 108 spotlights on 3 × 4 m, mobile in front of façade
Lamp power 30 kW in total, fully dimmable, electronically and by mechanical shutter
Direct light Altitude angle: 0° to 60°
Façade azimuth: –60° to +60°
Diffuse light Luminance up to 10 000 cd/m²
Color temperature 2500 K to 9300 K

Special features

View out Interchangeable scene foil
Light scenes Computer-controlled, for example daily and annual cycles, alternating between direct and diffuse light. Variable luminance distributions on the façade
Connected laboratory Highly flexible artificial lighting system with daylight-dependent light management. Integration into laboratory concept which makes integral indoor climate, lighting and acoustic investigations possible