Artificial sun for daylighting evaluation of building models

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

Künstliche Sonne
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Measurement Exposition and shading studies of buildings and settlement models, daylight system evaluation and optimization
Standard DIN 5034
Measurement object Models of buildings or settlements

Technical data

Light source 85 halogen spotlights
Model table Diameter 1.20 m; distance to specimen 6 m, gimbal mounted

Special features

Direct radiation Narrow beam of lamps and filtering with honeycomb material lead to an almost parallel insolation on the model table (2° angle).
Automatic control Software-based control of the relative angle of the model to the artificial sun to set any positions of the sun and diurnal cycles


More information

IBP Research News No.237 (in German)

M. Szermann, H. Erhorn

Tageslichttechnische Beurteilung von Gebäudemodellen unter künstlicher Sonne und künstlichem Himmel