Artificial sky for daylighting evaluation of building models

Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate

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Measurement Illuminance distributions in building models, daylight factor measurement according to DIN 5034, daylight system evaluation and optimization
Standard DIN 5034
Measurement object Models of buildings

Technical data

Light source 85 hemispherically over a model plane placed halogen lamps with 38° beam angle
Measurement Illuminance in the interior of models and outside the model with miniature photometers. From this e.g. determination of the daylight factor

Special feature

Desired luminance distributions All spotlights are individually dimmable, so that different luminance distributions of the covered and clear sky can be set.


More information

IBP Research News No.237 (in German)

M. Szermann, H. Erhorn

Tageslichttechnische Beurteilung von Gebäudemodellen unter künstlicher Sonne und künstlichem Himmel