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X-ray fluorescence analysis

Measurement Determination of the chemical composition, elemental analysis
Measurement object Solids, pressed powders, loose powders, liquids, filters, bulk material

Technical data

Spectrometer Epsilon 3 XL
X-ray source Rh-radiation (9 W), Be-windows
Type of spectrometer Energy dispersive spectrometer
Detector Silicon-drift detector (high resolution)
Measurement range Fluorine to uranium
Accuracy ppm – %
Number of samples 10-fold sample changer

Special features

Massive samples Measurement of massive samples with a maximum height of 10 cm possible
Measurement in cups The measurement in cups allows the investigation of fluids and loose powders.
Helium atmosphere The measurement in helium atmosphere allows the determination of light elements (e.g., fluorine).
Standardless analysis A special software enables to achieve the best possible analysis without dedicated methods or certified standards.