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Product-specific isopleth ranges

Measurement Acquisition of the natural resistance of a product against infestation by microorganisms (mould and mildew) through assessment of the product
specific isopleth ranges
Standard Own testing method, published
Measurement object Special designed specimen (dimension 5 × 5 cm, for loose material filling into special wire frames), 36 specimen shall be provided

Technical data

Area of test specimen 25 cm2
Thickness of test specimen Typically 1 to 3 cm
Processing According to given requirements
Test climate For 100 days, 12 different combinations of temperature and relative humidity (adjustable ranges from +8 to +40 °C and 50 to 98 % r.h.)
Test duration 14 weeks

Special features

Test strains According to material/application “typical” test strains from own collection, apart from fungi also bacteria or algae (light source available) possible
Conditioning On request also special conditioning possible:
accelerated carbonation, watering, etc.

More information

Result presentation as so called “isopleth traffic light”

Further tests in context:

  • testing on photo-catalytic efficacy
  • testing of biocidal activity on the surface

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