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Building Chemistry, Building Biology, Hygiene

Powder x-ray diffraction

Measurement Qualitative phase analysis, quantitative phase analysis by Rietveld method, determination of amorphous phase by internal or external standards
Measurement object Powdered samples or little solid samples:
minerals, rocks, cements, slag, ceramics, mineral building materials, concrete, mortars

Technical data


D2 phaser

X-ray tube Cu-radiation (30 kV, 10 mA), Ni filter
Goniometer radius 141.1 mm
Detector LynxEye (1D detector)
Measurement range +5 to +140° 2Theta

Special features

LynxEye detector The one-dimensional detector allows fast measurements with high accuracy.
External standard The application of an external standard allows the determination of the amorphous phase without contamination of the sample.

More information

For the preparation of the samples a micronizing mill (McCrone mill) is used.