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Building Chemistry, Building Biology, Hygiene

Evaluation of microbial growth development on weathered surfaces

Measurement Weathering experiment, durability, microbial susceptibility
Standard Own testing method and published evaluation scheme
Measurement object Complete walls/wall parts of test houses or special designed test specimen

Technical data

Sample size

Per variant at least a 1.20 m wide and 2.80 m high wall area or test specimen with an area of approx. 30 × 30 cm

Weathering experiment Integration of a wall construction into a test house or setting up of test specimen
Orientation towards west and/or east or based on consultation
Measured variables Biological behavior of external construction materials/exterior building parts/façade systems, etc. under the influence of natural climatic conditions
Determination of microbial growth development
Exact documentation to the point
Determination of the risk of complaints

Special features

  • After consultation other test sites possible (climate variation)
  • Measurement at least quarterly, better monthly; seasonal course

More information

Test duration at least 12 months up to several years. Parallel investigation of the composition of the microbial growth allows a better growth management, concrete statements regarding prevention strategies.