Indoor air hygiene

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Measurement Survey of airborne germs of indoor air by filtration in comparison to outdoor air
Standards DIN ISO 16000-16, DIN ISO 16000-17, DIN ISO 16000-18, DIN ISO 16000-19, VDI 4300-10
Measurement object Indoor air in comparison to outdoor air

Technical data

Test volume For short-term measurement typically 50 L for each filter
Test duration Nine-fold measurement, approx. 30 min for each reading point
Processing Preparation of the measured rooms according to VDI 4300-10
Evaluation According to UBA guide, counting of germs growing after 3, 7 and 10 days

Special features

Culture media Use of microbiological culture media for mesophilic and xerotolerant fungi and airborne bacteria as a matter of routine
Flexibility Use of gelatine filters allows also the application of a dilution series, apart from direct cultivation – depending on the expected germ load of the investigated air


More information

Further tests in context:

  • orienting rapid test of AQA company
  • long term measurement of air germs, impaction or filtration
  • microbial analysis of materials (e.g. floor insulation)

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