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Building Chemistry, Building Biology, Hygiene

Environmental impact of building products

Measurement Weathering experiment, release of compounds by influence of driving rain
Standards Chemical analyses according to or based on DIN EN 1484, DIN 38404-5, DIN EN 27888, DIN EN ISO 10304, DIN EN ISO 17294-2, DIN EN ISO 14911, DIN EN ISO 10301, DIN EN 16691, DIN 38047-35, own testing method
Measurement object Draining rain water from roofing membranes, façade coatings and façade parts

Technical data

Sample size 30 × 35 cm up to 100 × 50 cm
Other sizes after consultation
Complete façade elements (e.g., windows, exterior doors)
Miniature houses with a façade area of 300 × 245 cm
Weathering experiment Investigation of discrete plaster layers, complete plaster systems or complete ETICS on the miniature houses
Orientation towards west (test specimen) or towards all four geographic directions (miniature houses)
Measured variables

In drained rain water determination of:

  • sum parameters (pH-value, electric conductivity, Redox potential,
    TOC, Phenol index, etc.)
  • inorganic anions
  • alkali and earth alkali cations
  • trace elements and heavy metals
  • biocides
  • volatile organic halogen-hydrocarbons, benzene and alkyl benzenes (BTXE), styrene
  • polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other parameters upon request

Determination of the biocide contents in coatings in dependence of exposure time