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Efficacy of biocidal equipped coatings against algae or fungi

Measurement Testing the efficacy of biocidal equipped coatings against algae or fungi
Standards DIN EN 15458:2007-10 (D), DIN EN 15457:2007-10 (D)
Measurement object Special designed specimen (diameter 5 cm) with coating (e.g., plaster, paints, varnish), not biocidal equipped reference probe necessary

Technical data

Area of test specimen Approx. 20 cm²
Thickness of test specimen Varies according to type of coating from 0.5 to approx. 20 mm
Processing According to given requirements      
Number of specimen For each tested variant 15 specimen
Test duration 4 to 8 weeks

Special features

Test strains According to relevant standards, on request also further test strains from own collection
Conditioning On request also special conditioning possible:
accelerated carbonation, watering, etc.

More information

Further tests in context:

  • testing on photo-catalytic efficacy
  • analysis of surface growth
  • testing of biocidal activity on the surface

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