Vibration analysis by laser scanning vibrometry

Measurements Vibration velocity and displacement, vibration and modal analysis
Measurement object Machinery, equipment, installations, tools, components, panels, shells, etc.

Technical data

Laser Helium-neon laser (λ = 633 nm)
Frequency range 0 to 40 kHz
Measuring range 0.5 μm/s to 2.5 m/s (vibration velocity)

Special features

  • Contact-free measurement of vibrating objects and surfaces
  • Automatic scanning of a free definable point grid on the surface
  • Visualization (graph or film) of vibration modes of the measuring objects

More information

  • Locating of zones with maximum vibration in case of real or ideal excitation
  • Optimization of the vibration characteristics of components
  • Combination with acoustic near-field holography for determination of radiation factor
  • Data export to other software for refined analysis