Sound propagation in a semi-anechoic chamber

Measurement Sound propagation, sound shielding and attenuation
Measurement object Scale models of constructions, buildings and landscapes, for example sound screens and noise barriers

Technical data

Free room size (inside liner) (L × W × H) 19,43 m × 5,25 m × 6,17 m
Room volume 629 m3
Entrance door (H × W) 1,90 m × 2,37 m

Special features

Connection to a reverberation room Measurement of sound insulation and sound absorption of elements between reverberation and anechoic room
Size of the connecting door (measuring surface) 3,80 m × 2,35 m


More information

  • Scale model measurements (on a scale 1: 40), including rooms
  • Determination of sound propagation in scale model landscapes and urban scenarios, for example emission and shielding of buildings, sound screens and noise barriers
  • Ventilation system (flow rate max. 4000 m³/h)
  • Vibrational isolation by using “Omega Clamps” to suppress influence due to structure-borne sound
  • Lower cut-off frequency 125 Hz (according to standard)