Sound pressure level in a semi-anechoic chamber

Measurement Sound pressure level (averaged values and statistical analysis), directional pattern of sound sources
Measurement object Machinery and equipment, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, especially large measuring objects

Technical data

Free room size (L × W × H) 19,43 × 5,25 × 6,17 m
Room volume 629 m3
Entrance door (H × W) 1,90 × 2,37 m

Special features

Connection to a reverberation room Measurement of sound insulation and sound absorption of elements between reverberation and anechoic room
Size of the connecting door (measuring surface) 3,8 × 2,35 m

More information

  • Vibrational isolation by using “Omega Clamps” to suppress influence due to structure-borne sound
  • Lower cut-off frequency 125 Hz (according to standard)
  • Ventilation system (flow rate max. 4000 m³/h)