Sound power in a wind tunnel

Measurement Sound power, wind and flow noise
Standard DIN EN ISO 7235
Measurement object Façades, façade elements, fans, other components of HVAC systems (filters, heat exchangers, gratings, throttles, etc.)

Technical data

Test duct (L × H) 12.0 × 0.5 m
Width of the test duct 500 to 1300 mm (50 mm steps)
Fan Flow rate ≤ 35 m³/s, pressure difference ≤ 2500 Pa
Max. size of test samples (L × H) 6.000 × 0.498 m

Special feature

Type of test facility Wind tunnel with closed loop ventilation duct

More information

  • Continuously adjustable air flow speed
  • Uniform and noiseless air flow
  • Sound power measurement in the receiving room out of the air flow
  • Stationary measuring system for static and dynamic pressure

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