Sound power in a reverberation room

Measurement Sound power
Standard DIN EN ISO 3741
Measurement object Machinery and equipment, for example of ventilation and air-conditioning systems, air terminals and other noise sources

Technical data

Floor area 60 m2
Room volume 392 m3
Entrance door (H × W) 1,9 m × 2,4 m

Special features

Connection to a semi-anechoic room Measurement of sound insulation and sound absorption of elements between reverberation and anechoic room
Size of the connecting door (measuring surface) 3,80 m × 2,35 m

More information

  • Controllable air-condition system for the adjustment of temperature and humidity
  • Low vibration doors with high sound reduction
  • Suppressed excitation of structure-borne sound of the walls due to a special basement

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