Sound insulation in a wall test laboratory

Measurement Sound insulation
Standard DIN EN ISO 10140
Measurement object Separating walls with high sound insulation, massive and lightweight wall constructions, walls with additional linings, cinema walls, façades, roofs

Technical data

Floor area (2 rooms) 21 m² and 24 m²
Room volume (2 rooms) 66 m³ and 76 m³
Entrance doors (H × W) 1.990 × 0.835 m and 2.02 × 1.95 m
Size of test samples (H × W) 3.11 × 4.25 m and 2.95 × 4.25 m

Special feature

Max. sound reduction (related to the size of test sample) R'max,w = 89 dB

More information


  • Wall constructions with high sound insulation at low frequencies, for example separating walls in cinemas, can be tested in this wall test laboratory.
  • Height of the walls up to the upper floor or to the lintel below the upper floor.