Sound insulation of room-high elements

Measurement Sound insulation
Standard DIN EN ISO 10140
Measurement object Façade elements, windows, glazings, panels, gates, doors, large elements

Technical data

Floor area (2 rooms) 17.7 m² and 20 m²
Room volume (2 rooms) 62 m³ and 70 m³
Entrance doors (H × W) 2.05 × 1.91 m and 2.00 × 0.83 m
Size of test samples (H × W) 3.18 × 1.23 m (butt joint)

Special feature

Max. sound reduction (related to the size of test sample) R'max,w = 72 dB


More information

  • Elements with smaller size will be framed by a multi-layer panel construction with high sound insulation.
  • Larger elements can be tested in other facilities.