Sound insulation in a façade test laboratory#

Measurement Sound insulation and flanking sound transmission
Standards DIN EN ISO 10848, DIN EN ISO 140-5
Measurement object Façade elements and prototypes including installations, noise barriers (gabions, etc.), exterior building elements

Technical data

Floor area (2 rooms) 18.4 m² and 2.4 m²
Room volume (2 rooms) 71 m³ and 87 m³
Doors (H × W) 1.99 × 0.86 m and 2.02 × 0.95 m
Outward opening (H × W) 10,30 m × 3,52 m

Special features

Max. sound reduction (related to the size of test sample) R'max,w= 71 dB
Vibrational isolation of the test rooms Supressed external influences


More information


  • Delivery and direct installation of large test samples via truck-mounted crane
  • Rolling gate to close the test opening (weather protection)