Sound impact, sound quality


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Measurement Sound impact, sound quality (e.g. loudness, annoyance, performance)
Standards ISO/TS 15666, ISO 16832, etc.
Methods Interviews, perception and performance tests (users, affected people, test persons)

Technical data

Floor area 44 m2
Room volume 132 m3

Special features


Room acoustics: variable reverberation time by using removable absorptive ceiling and linings

Electroacoustic system: 64 channel sound field system (IOSONO) comprising 412 loudspeakers for realistic presentation of acoustic scenarios, laboratory and software for production of sound files, studio for 4 test


Daylight: light wall for sunlight simulation in front of the façade (luminance up to 10 000 cd/m², colour temperature between 3000 and
6500 K)

Inside: highly variable artificial lighting with DALI bus system, e.g. for adaptive light management


Ventilation rate 300 to 1800 m³/h

Room temperature between +18 and +30 °C


More information

  • Identification of sound impact and optimization of sound quality of products or components in buildings, e.g. building service systems and installations
  • Investigation of use-related room scenarios, e.g. offices, meeting rooms and classrooms, with test persons in order to quantify room influences on well-being and performance

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