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Sound absorption in a reverberation room

Measurement Sound absorption coefficient (random sound incidence)
Standard DIN EN ISO 354
Measurement object                                                                                      
Sound absorbers, suspended ceilings, wall linings, office screens,furniture, seats, panels, textiles, fabrics, noise barriers

Technical data

Floor area 60 m2
Room volume 392 m3
Entrance door (H x W)      2,40 m × 2,19 m                                        

Special features

Connection to a semi-anechoic room 
Measurement of sound insulation and sound absorption of elements between reverberation and anechoic room
Size of the connecting door (measuring surface) 3,8 m × 2,35 m

More information

  • Area of the test object between 12 m² and max. 18 m², aspect ratio between 0.7 and 1
  • Low vibration doors with high sound reduction
  • Suppressed excitation of structure-borne sound of the walls due to a special basement

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