Sound absorption in an impedance tube

Measurement Sound absorption coefficient (normal sound incidence)
Standard DIN EN ISO 10534
Measurement object Sound absorbers, suspended ceilings, wall linings, panels, fabrics, textiles, granular materials, active material systems

Technical data

Size of test samples 198 × 198 mm and diameter 100 mm
Thickness of test samples max. 250 mm (including rear wall distance)
Further tubes and sizes 248 × 248 mm and diameter 30 mm

Special features

Horizontal and vertical installation Sound absorption measurement of granular materials in lying position
Anechoic termination
(measuring surface)
248 mm × 248 mm

More information

  • Measurement of acoustic impedance, reflection factor and sound absorption coefficientMeasurement with a static pressure difference between front and back side
  • Different frequency resolutions (extended frequency range by using microphone array)