Noise of water installations#

Measurement Noise of water installations and sanitary equipment
Standards DIN EN ISO 10052, DIN EN 14366, DIN 4109, SIA 181, VDI 4100
Measurement object Water installations, waste water systems, shower systems, bath tubs, all types of front-wall installations, pipe insulations, pipe clamps, etc.

Technical data

Floor areas 5.00 × 3.45 m (installation room)
5.00 × 4.62 m and 5.00 × 3.45 m
Room volumes 70.4 m³ and 52.6 m³ (receiving room)
Entrance door (H × W) 2.05 × 2.00 m (installation room)
Thickness of separating floor 190 mm (reinforced concrete)

Special feature

Controllable water supply (water pressure and flow rate) In all rooms (stacked bathrooms)





More information

  • Massive walls (single layer, 220 kg/m² mass per unit area) are separating each of the stacked rooms.
  • Test results can be used to prove compliance with requirements according to the German standard DIN 4109 and to the guideline VDI 4100.
  • Test results can be used for classification according to the Swiss standard SIA 181 (noise sensitivity levels).

Legal notice

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