Impact sound and impact sound insulation of floors and floor coverings


Measurement Impact sound and impact sound insulation
Standard DIN EN ISO 10140
Measurement object Timber frame and lightweight floor constructions, floating floors and floor coverings, timber joist floors

Technical data

Floor area and object size 20 m²
Room volume (2 rooms) 70.6 m³ and 50.0 m³
Entrance doors (H × W) 2.18 × 0.83 m and 2.02 × 1.95 m
Size of test samples 20 m², variable height

Special feature

Impact sound insulation and walking sound Apart from the impact sound in the receiving room the noise generated in the sending room (walking sound) can be measured and weighted.

More information

  • Circumferential bracket to support the separating floor
  • Timber joist floor of type 1 according to DIN EN ISO 10140 available

Legal notice

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