Impact sound insulation of floor coverings

Measurement Impact sound insulation
Standard DIN EN ISO 10140
Measurement object Floor coverings, floating floors, carpets, parquet floors, laminate, stone floors

Technical data

Floor area and object size 4.73 × 3.73 m, variable thickness of floor coverings
Room volume (2 rooms) 62 m³ and 54 m³
Entrance doors (H × W) 2.05 × 1.91 m and 2.05 × 1.89 m
Thickness of separating floor 140 mm (reinforced concrete)

Special feature

Walking sound (walking noise) Apart from the impact sound the walking sound in the sending room can also be measured and weighted.


More information

The surface of the separating floor is especially grinded, in order to apply (laying or sticking) thin resilient floor coverings.